Wednesday, February 24, 2016

White River Falls

It often begins with a sign.

This one read:  White River Falls
                          Turn left 4 miles

"You like waterfalls.  Should we?" my travel buddy asked.

"Sure.  Why not?"

White River Falls

And this is what we found!

It's one more reminder NEVER to ignore these signs when traveling.  I had never heard of this waterfalls and have since found that it is a little known gem in the Oregon State Park system.

We were blown away.  Not just for its beauty, but for the interesting historical ruins surrounding it.

These derelict buildings are all that's left of an old hydroelectric power plant.  A broken piece of stone with 1910 etched into it, lies discarded in a clump of brush.  This historic plant at the base of the waterfalls once supplied all the electricity to Wasco and Sherman Counties in Oregon until the completion of The Dalles Dam in 1960.  A short, but rugged trail, leads down to the buildings and to the incredible horseshoe-shaped formation of basalt cliffs with the two-tiered falls plunging over it.  

The White River originates at Mt. Hood and since there has been so much snow this year, it is gushing in full splendor.  It plunges 90 feet to the gentle winding river below.  But as we were driving down Highway 197, we never would have known from the placid hillside that such drama existed only a few short miles away.

Never ignore those signs.

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  1. What a wonderful discovery. I don't know anybody who drinks in the environment as much as you and your buddy. It's a gift.