Saturday, February 20, 2016

Human Spiders

I woke up Monday morning with a whiplashed neck.  Watching human spiders scale the vertical walls of Smith Rock is a strenuous exercise!  I still can't believe what I saw.  I know many of these routes are securely bolted, but strength, agility and fearlessness are still necessary and many of us homo sapiens just do not possess such attributes.  Rock climbers are a different breed of people.

I watched in fascination, evidently craning my neck the entire time.
Of course, most of the climbers were young and I caught myself before envy and wistfulness sent me down that dark road to regret.  Do Not Go There, I cautioned.  Can't say the same for my travel buddy.  "You know the equipment has gotten so much better," he said.  "I think I'm going to take up rock climbing again."

I didn't say a word.
 It's true.  I could hear the climbers a mile away.  All their ascenders, carabiners and ropes jingled as they walked.  They had so much equipment they looked like they were going on a Himalayan expedition.

My travel buddy loves all the high tech gear associated with extreme sports.  Perhaps (hopefully) his ambition will take him no further than REI, but just in case, I pointed out the stretcher at the base of one of the rocks.
But then again, he has spider in his DNA.  I've witnessed his boulder jumping and effortless shinnies up chimney rocks.  Unlike me, he has not posted those Do Not Go There signs at various synapse junctions leading to his brain.
So I don't say a word.  I will watch him climb summits.  Belay and rappel.  Creep up vertical walls. Squeeze through cracks and ski across glaciers.  

But I will remain below.

And catch him if he falls.

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  1. Love the "do not go there" sentence!
    Good luck with your spider.
    Gorgeous shots. And !!!!
    Xo Jazzy Jack