Sunday, January 3, 2016

Winter White Out

It is one o'clock in the afternoon.  The outside world is dark.  Covered with snow and black ice.  I get brave and bundle up for a short walk.  I do not make it very far.

My cell phone vibrates and I look at the text and laugh.  It is from my son:  At Union Station in L.A.  I'm wearing shorts!  It's balmy down here.  I miss the snow in Oregon.  But not the cold!!!!!!!

The hard snow crunches under my boots.  I've had these rainboots for ten years, but never wore them in hot, dry, sunny California.  They are getting broken in this winter.  As are my shaggy coat and cashmere scarves.  Learning to live in such conditions has been a test of endurance.  Learning to dress with creativity and style has been even more of a challenge.

But with the new year brings a new determination to keep trying.  To accept.

 And to finally enjoy.

Happy New Year to friends at Visible Monday.  Patti, I may be joining you in Florida if this weather keeps up much longer!


  1. Please come see me - we are finally cooler here at 70 degrees! I love, love those boots. xox


  2. Gotta love the holiday themed Wellies. I have never tried the white and beige - neutrals look. Looks like I will need to add it to wanna-be fashion posts.

  3. You look super stylish on your snowy walk!! Love the tunic, the coat and these awesome boots - how wonderful on such a black and white day! Happy New Year!

  4. Looking quite at home in your Winter wonderland, hope your new home is super heated.Love those boots and your snugly jacket.

  5. Oh, Mimi, I so envy that cold weather you're having! Here in the UK it's too darn warm and wet with continuous grey skies. A little dry cold with a blue sky would be good! Love your outfit btw x

  6. Oh My! You look like the Snow Queen! So pretty. And those boots! Oh I do miss snow. And to think I was all excited about the rain in SoCal this morning. No comparison.