Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bavarian Ice Festival PM

I've noticed that the holidays linger into January here in the Pacific Northwest.  Maybe it's the snow, the cold temperatures, the abundance of hot spiced wine and cocoa, but I, too, find myself not wanting to let go of Christmas.  It's a mood of comfort and joy that has wrapped around me like a favorite blanket.

With that in mind, we headed north to Leavenworth, Washington, to enjoy one last hurrah before it's time to pack up the season and store it away.  Every year this small Bavarian themed town explodes with color and it lasts through the Martin Luther King holiday weekend.  A million lights wind around trees and drape from storefront eaves creating a picture postcard Winter Wonderland.  The Ice Festival ends with a massive fireworks display, which we watched from the hotel's deck with brats and beer.

I am home now.
And finally ready to take down my tree.
Christmas has never lasted so long.


  1. Honestly. There just are not enough twinkle lights in the world. I wish it looked like this everywhere all the time. So pretty.

  2. Such beauty in the darkness!
    Xo Jazzy Jack