Sunday, January 10, 2016

Basalt Sculptures

The basalt cliffs that line the Columbia River Gorge provide a natural medium for local landscape artists.  These vertical slabs of black rock are found all over Oregon.  In private gardens, as well as public ones.  Nature has already carved them into beautiful sculptural shapes.  There's no need for further enhancement.

And so I, too, have taken inspiration from the basalt cliffs that surround me.  Black columns of stone, softened by green moss and white snow.  Rather than wearing big bulky coats this winter, I add layer upon layer to keep me warm.  I play with texture.  Build one on top of the other to form a cohesive landscape.
Millions of years ago, massive basalt with the texture of honey, poured out of the cracks in the earth of Northeastern Oregon and flowed all the way to the Pacific Ocean.  Once the basalt cooled into layers, colliding plates of the earth's crust folded the rock like fabric.  The Columbia River then carved its way through, exposing the anticlines (upward folds) and synclines (downward folds) that make up the cliffs today.

More and more nature has been my guide to fashion.  It began last summer when I decided to dress for the wind.  I sought out gauzy fabrics.  I focused on whites and creams that would sway and float like the clouds above me.  Not only was it fun; it felt right.  I realized I was on to something.

This approach to fashion may not get me on Advanced Style, but that is not my intent.  Rather, I want to blend in.  I want to become one with my surroundings.

Should I even link up with Visible Monday?  Am I at odds with the philosophy of these well-dressed women?  

Mimi answers for me:  "Sweetie, trust me. You aren't going to disappear in those boots!!"   


  1. Mimi is spot on , your great boots make a statement.I really like your idea of working with your natural surroundings rather than against them. I find one of the joys of ageing is playing with the way we dress and finding whatever feels right.

  2. I love this inspiration - and the setting itself is breathtaking. xox


  3. Wait a second. Are those high heeled gsloshes? Love them!!!! And your stunning surroundings. Such lovliness.

  4. Ooh I love this philosophy. You're really on to something here. Your textures are inspirational...and those boots! How on earth did you clamber in them :-) xo Jazzy Jack

  5. Your style is beautiful, and your philosophy is beautiful too! We all have such different points of view when it comes to outfits, when it comes to life. And that's what is interesting about us people, isn't it. :)

    Some day, I will travel the places in Oregon you're writing about here. So far, I've only discovered Oregon Coast and Portland pretty much, love them all. These stone columns are wonderful. They remind me the place in Siberia where I am from.