Friday, December 18, 2015

Hood River's Big Art

Art in Public Places

I'm a walker.  I walk everyday.  In the mountains.  By the river.  Along old highways.  And, yes, even in cities and towns.  Urban hikes are a nice change from muddy boots and granola bars.  It's nice to be able to duck into a coffee shop for a cappuccino and lemon bar.  Or window shop.  And one of my favorite urban hikes is the Big Art Walking Tour in Hood River, Oregon.

The three mile walk takes you along the marina, the waterfront park and then under the freeway to the downtown streets of Oak and State.  There are fifteen large outdoor sculptures along this path.  Because the art is for sale, I've noticed that in the seven months I've lived here the art is always changing. Last week my favorite sculpture, the Dancing Girl, was gone and a Big Blue Cheese was in its place. It's what makes this hike so fun though.  I am always surprised.


  1. Dancing girl was someone else's favourite too! Love the rain chain.
    What a fabulous walk! Xo Jazzy Jack

  2. I love how you are so IN your environment, noticing all the things around you. That looks like a great walk.