Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Dufur 97021

While roaming the back roads of Oregon, my travel buddy and I were getting hungry so when we rolled into Dufur (population 600), we started looking for a restaurant.  It didn't take us long to realize we were in a meat and potatoes sort of place.  Most of the folks walking the streets were dressed in camouflage.  When we noticed several of them entering the Pastime Restaurant, we followed.  Sure enough, the hamburgers we ordered were juicy.  And generous.  I ate with gusto (even though big brown eyes were staring down at me).
After lunch, we hung around a bit.  This place was getting more and more interesting by the minute.  A beautiful brick hotel down the street caught our attention, as well as a living history museum.

Schreiber Log House
Built 1901

Endersby School

Walking back to our car we had to laugh at this sign in a store window:   Assisted suicide is now legal in the State of Oregon.  Anyone caught stealing on this property will automatically be assumed to have requested assistance.

Interesting place, Dufur 97021.

You just never know where hunger pains will lead you.


  1. I love your wanderings and the things you discover, like this town. It's like you fell into a movie set.

  2. Wow. Beautiful photos. This is a terrific town. Very spooky. I'll bet it's haunted.

  3. Nice to see a small town with pride.
    I imagine all the people dressed in their long gowns and top hats walking the streets. How quaint is that school!
    Looove the sign. Xo Jazzy Jack

  4. What an interesting little town . it really does look like a movie set. Not sure about the restaurant, not fond of dead animals staring down at me.