Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Belated Visit to the Gorge Discovery Center

Museums have always been part of my travel itinerary.  Usually I like to go to the history museums first.  They give me an overview and an appreciation of what comes next:  the exploration.  Plus everything is fresh and exciting.  In this case, I did it backwards.  I explored the Columbia River Gorge first, and visited this discovery museum later.  Seven months later.  Consequently, the exhibits were "old hat".  Lesson learned.

Except . . . the Ice Age mammals.  You can't see a Giant Short-Faced Bear, a Ground Sloth or Columbian Mammoth in 2015!

  The Columbia Gorge Discovery Center is located in The Dalles, Oregon.  It covers (very superficially) the flora and fauna of the region, the geology and history of the Native Americans, the pioneers arriving on the Oregon Trail and of course, Lewis and Clark.  Therefore, it is a good place to start if you're here for vacation.  Or if you have children.  The documentation is short and easy to read.

I'll never tire of looking (and lusting after) these old beaded Native American bags.
 They are stunning.

And so were the views from inside the museum.

And so, yes, I do recommend a visit to this discovery center, but then GO.  GET OUTSIDE. Take a hike, tour the waterfalls, go kayaking on the river, birdwatching, fishing.  That's really the only true way to discover this wild and beautiful region.

Maybe I did it right, after all.


  1. I marvel at your explorations. You are a true adventurer. I like to tag along through your posts. Your put a fresh spin on the views.

  2. Lovely. Still loving your coat! Xo Jazzy Jack