Sunday, November 29, 2015

Lonely Buildings Lonely Roads

I saw an exhibit at the Albuquerque Art Museum a few years ago that continues to haunt me.  One room was filled from floor to ceiling with black and white photographs of empty derelict buildings.  Over the course of many months, the photographer had traveled across the country in search of these abandoned structures.  I immediately felt an envy for such freedom.   And for his focus.

A feeling of isolation washed over me like a tsunami.  There was nothing dramatic about these pictures.  They were studies in minimalism.  But the impact was huge.  It made me realize that it doesn't take the Grand Canyon to inspire such awe.  It can be something small.  Something unexpected that strikes that emotional chord.

With that in mind, my travel buddy and I set out on one of the many back roads of Oregon and came across these abandoned structures outside the small community of Boyd.  It reminded me of that exhibit.  It reminded me that the best travel can often be down a long and lonely road.  Going nowhere.



  1. I just love deserted old western towns. I also love your autumny outfit.

  2. Deserted buildings seem to carry more stories. Why is that? Is the current story to strong to hear the older ones stuffed away in the attic, in the occupied buildings?
    Haunting and lonely and yet peaceful. Xo Jazzy Jack