Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Climbing Pulpit Rock

My travel buddy is training for future mountain climbing expeditions.  He intends to climb all the Cascades and wants me to do it with him.  I keep saying, "No thanks.  I'll stay warm, cozy and comfortable at a lodge.  I'll cheer you on though."

And so last weekend I did just that.  I cheered him on as he climbed to the top of Pulpit Rock in The Dalles,

All twelve feet of it!

When we drove down 12th Street in The Dalles, Oregon and saw this bulbous oddity in the middle of an intersection, we knew there had to be a story here.  Sure enough, there was.  Back in 1838, Methodist missionaries preached to the local Native Americans from the top of it and continued to do so until a proper mission was built.

The Reverend Jason Lee was a passionate and persuasive orator.  Not only did he convert many locals to Christianity, but he also convinced many Euro-Americans to brave the elements and head west on the Oregon Trail.  He made many trips back and forth, and this fact alone makes me realize what a hearty, determined fellow he must have been.

And so is my travel buddy, don't you think?

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