Friday, November 13, 2015

Autumn Orchards

I feel like I have not yet landed.  I am still disoriented.  Even stunned by the gradual, yet drastic change in seasons.

Autumn has always meant setting the clocks back an hour.  Dinner by candlelight.  Halloween.  Eating turkey on Thanksgiving Day in flip flops and shorts.  We have two seasons in Southern California and two seasons only:  Wet and Dry.  Pumpkins are orange, but not our trees.

Our trees stay green all year long.  Our palm trees drop their fronds only in high wind.  Even our vineyards are green.  Or bare.  One or the other.  But here in Oregon, autumn coats the orchards and vineyards with color.  The leaves of the apricot and cherry trees turn yellow and the grape vines form bands of red across the golden hills.
As I walk along Historic Highway 30 between Mosier and The Dalles, I am dazzled by the autumn display.  I had forgotten how glorious October and November can be.  My boots crunch the acorns that carpet the road.  Large yellow leaves float like paper airplanes through the cool, crisp air.

Best of all is that magical feeling:  There is no place else I'd rather be.  And that is why I feel disoriented.  I am stationary, and yet the world continues to change around me.  I am traveling through time.  My destinations are Autumn, Winter, Summer and Spring.

I may never land.


  1. I can imagine the changes you're envisioning where you are now. Sounds like you may be missing it. I certainly wouldn't miss the gray wet days of the Seattle area if I moved away. ;)

  2. I love the idea of time travel carried along by the changing seasons.