Sunday, October 25, 2015

On the Tom McCall Preserve

Not only is rain in the forecast for the entire week ahead, but this trail on the Tom McCall Preserve along the Columbia River, closes the first of November.  We barely got our two-mile hike in this morning before it started to pour.  Welcome to Oregon!

This beautiful sanctuary is located on Historic Route 30 on the Rowena Crest, just before you descend into The Dalles.  The geology is amazing.  The 200-acre area was formed by ancient lava flows, catastrophic floods and volcanic ash.  What makes it even more interesting, is that it borders the wet, forested area of the Gorge and the drier prairie to the east.  You may see scorpions and rattlesnakes, as well as elk and bald eagles.  It is a bifurcated environment that is a bit disorienting.

It is named after the late Oregon governor, Thomas Lawson McCall, who was an avid conservationist.  Local hikers tell me that April is absolutely mind blowing when the whole plateau is covered with wildflowers.  This is when the trail reopens.

And I'll be the first one through the gate!

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  1. Such a fancy hiker. Love those stripes on sock and lapel!
    Those flat plateaus (tautology?)look so unnatural!
    Jazzy Jack

    1. PS Forgot to say...loooove that last shot!

  2. The socks and hat give your look wonderful personality! And beautiful scenes, thanks for sharing. xo


  3. Such an elegant hiking outfit! And spectacular scenery.

  4. Beautiful hiking outfit and photos. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. Marea, you must be the most stylishly dressed hiker I have ever seen . This area is stunning, look forward to seeing it covered in wildflowers.

  6. Exceptional pictures my dear! so well done!!