Friday, October 9, 2015

Narada Falls and Counting

Mount Rainier National Park

Walking to a waterfall is one of my most favorite things to do BUT after living in the Columbia River Gorge for four months, it is an activity that is becoming rather routine.  (Poor me, right?)   There are numerous waterfalls in Mt. Rainier National Park and we stopped at several BUT after getting home and looking at all my photographs, I can't distinguish one from the other EXCEPT for two.

I am happy to type out those BUTS and EXCEPTS.  I panicked for a moment.  Had I become jaded?   I've seen fellow travel junkies hit a wall.  "Nothing excites me anymore," a friend told me.  "Everything's starting to look the same."

In the future (in order to feel that wild all-consuming magic) I may need to book flights to see the biggies:  Iguazu.  Niagara.  Angel Falls. Victoria.  Oh, yes yes.   But for now, there are another two falls that are worthy of blogging about; that are worthy of making that Best Waterfalls of the World List that someday I intend to create.   One is in the park:  Narada.  The other is on the White Pass Scenic Byway (southwest of the park):  Clear Creek Falls.

Narada Falls

Clear Creek Falls

Aren't they beautiful?  Yeah, I'm not jaded, after all!!!


  1. Well, they are beautiful even though they may look the same. I love all the outings you've been on. Have you driven around the Olympic Peninsula yet?

  2. I just can't get enough of water falls. In fact I even grew up in a town named Great Falls! Such pretty photos. Keep 'em coming.