Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Mimi Channels Marc Jacobs

Thank goodness the four-week long fashion show spectacle is winding down.  Watching clip after clip of models walking down the runways in New York, Milan, London and Paris is an addiction I can't seem to quit.  While my travel buddy is rolling on the floor laughing at the ridiculous costumes that pop up on my computer screen, my temper flares and my patience with him comes to a complete and abrupt end.


"But you can't be serious," he says.  "Women don't really wear those clothes, do they?"

"GO AWAY!!!!!"
Okay, maybe not Rei Kawakubo and Gareth Pugh but Isabel Marant, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors and Stella McCartney?  We women absolutely buy their clothes (if we can afford them) and if not, we copy them.  Mimi and I do this with Marc Jacobs.  In our opinion, the man is a genius.  He sets trends that women follow for years.  Like his Fall 2006 show where he paired skirts and dresses over pants.  And what about the untucked blouse worn with a short shrug?  

His Spring 2016 line is bold, vibrant and playful.  When Mimi and I saw the model with the long sequined maxi skirt, plaid button-down blouse and retro sweater walk down the runway, we immediately got the possibilities, and they were all within reach of our very own closet.

And this is why I am addicted.  All these crazy designers get my creative juices flowing.  
"You can come back now," I shout to my buddy.  "The shows are over."

He sticks his head inside the den door.  "No more snapping at me?"

I get up and give him a hug.  I apologize for my neurotic outburst.  The truth is, he's extremely tolerant of my addiction to clothes and likes it when I dress up.  I try not to embarrass him.  I know what's appropriate and what's not.  When I want to channel a high-end designer look, I go get Mimi.  She can get away with anything!

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