Friday, October 23, 2015

Iron Spirits

"Is that a giraffe?"

I didn't have to say another word.  My travel buddy screeched to a stop and turned right into yet another whimsical playground of outsider art.  He knows me too well.  He also knows these sculpture gardens seem to find me no matter where we go.  It's truly uncanny.
This particular sculpture park is the brainchild of Dan Klennert, auto mechanic-turned-artist.
And let me tell you, the guy knows how to weld!  The massiveness of his creations is what sets him apart from other junkyard artists.  His beautiful four-acre property near Mt. Rainier National Park (on Route 706) is another big plus in the enchantment department.  I mean, really . . .   a snow covered mountain to the east.  A forest of trees to the north.  A giant spider to the west and a band of iron musicians to the south.  Can life get any more magical?
We gladly put our donation in the appropriate box.  (There was one for democrats and one for republicans.)  It was late in the day, close to cocktail hour, so we were the only ones poking around.  Didn't see hide nor hair of another warm-blooded creature--just the cold-blooded scrap metal kind with horse shoe necks and backhoe teeth.

After about an hour, we left happy and recharged.  To find such eccentricity and creativity among the golden arches, big box stores and strip malls that line every single city street in this nation, gives me hope that the Big Bad Corporate Wolf won't devour us after all.

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  1. How funny. There were separate donation boxes for Repulicans and Democrats? I would love to know which one had the most donations. Love the spider. I would put that in my yard in a second.