Thursday, September 17, 2015

Kiters of the Gorge

Hood River becomes a city of tents when the forecast promises even a slight flurry of wind.  The Kiters of the Gorge are ready--all lined up, staring at the river.  Is that a white cap?  Did you feel that breeze?  Should I go smaller?

Never in my life have I encountered an entire population of people so devoted to joie de vivre.  These people work to live; not the other way around.  My husband is one of them.  Because I hike and take photographs of the river, I have been accepted into this club.  But I swear I don't know what a single one of them does for a living.  No one talks about work.  It's as if it's a forbidden subject.  Or more likely, they simply don't care.

It's all about living life to the fullest, baby. And for these people, it's being propelled across the river at breakneck speed.  The reds and oranges and blues above them weave in and out.  The kites twist and turn, dip and soar.  I try to capture this magic with my camera.  As I focus in and out, my lens becomes a kaleidoscope of stained glass window panes.
The Kiters of the Gorge are a special breed.  It's been a joy to hang out with them (if even on the sidelines).  They are friendly, optimistic and nonjudgmental.  We might very well become lifelong members.  


  1. Aaaah, watching people livin' the dream is always inspiring!

  2. just found you via your comment at melanie´s. did read a bit criss-cross here and must say i´m impressed! by your travels, bei your style and by your writing!!
    for sure i´ll come back!!!

    1. Thank you, Beate. You just brightened up my day!

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  3. Quite spectacular, they sure are living their dreams. Enjoy your part in the club, your photos are great.