Thursday, September 10, 2015

Full Sail Brewery

Most people who visit a micro-brewery go home with a case of beer.  Not me.  I came home with a t-shirt!
It's not to say I didn't enjoy a brewskie or two.  Full Sail in Hood River is becoming a favorite hang-out of ours.  My travel buddy has been buying their beer at Trader Joe's (down in Santa Barbara) for years.  I have a hunch he wasn't lured up here by the windsurfing alone; he really, really loves their Amber Ale.

  The pub overlooks the Columbia River and you can enjoy a flight while watching the kiters do their tricks.  The food is delicious and the menu, rather eclectic.  Hamburgers.  Beet salads.   Bratwursts.  And hummus plates.  We've tried them all.  Many times.
I told him, "You know there are two hundred breweries in Oregon.  Shouldn't we, at least, try another?"

"Sure."  (But then we don't.)  I tell you, the guy's in a rut!

He loves the fact that the brewery is employee-owned; that they balance work with play.  That means, of course, if there's wind, they're out of there.  He and all the waiters can talk hours about 5.2's and 4.7's and gusts up to 40.  I zone out.  Wander over to the t-shirts.  There's several more styles and colors like a bright orange one that might be fun for Fall.
Mimi has shown me how to glam it up a bit.  She wears it with a maxi skirt and chunky necklaces.  Good thing to know since I'll eventually have a whole closet of them!
Their philosophy is quite wonderful.  I'm quoting part of their mantra below:

Free to live a life less ordinary somewhere extraordinary.
Where the sirens are sounded by blue jays,
and the skyscrapers have names like Hood, Adams and St. Helens.

Being in a rut in such an incredible place, ain't so bad.  I'll be back.  For more beer.  And more tees!

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  1. A beer tee is always a good inspiration for a new outfit! You've styled it very cute too. And did I mention I love beer?

  2. A fun way to remember your trip to the brewery!

    Thank you for joining TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you Thursday.