Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Atop Larch Mountain

Ever since I read that you could see five of the Cascade Peaks from this lookout on Larch Mountain, I've been itching to go.  No sense going, however, if there are clouds in the sky and in this part of the world that's almost EVERY SINGLE DAY.  The clouds finally dispersed last Saturday so we took off lickety split before they formed again.

This lookout, called Sherrard's Point, can be reached by driving up Larch Mountain Road from Corbett, Oregon.  It's 14 miles up on a beautiful road that winds through one of those dense green  forests that define the Pacific Northwest.  There's a parking lot at the top and a paved trail (with 121 steps!) which leads to the top.

Gasp!  We were able to see four of them.  Mt. Rainier was a little too far away.
  Mt. Adams

Mt. Hood

Mt. Jefferson

Mt. Saint Helens





  1. GASP!
    what gorgeous view! i´m a totally mountain fex! thanks for showing us!!!