Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Mimi's Pals at the Cascade Locks

Offbeat Museums

I would wear this TODAY! 

Although this little museum located in Cascade Locks, Oregon, documents the construction of the locks and canal on the Columbia River in the late 1800's, it was Mimi's colleagues who stole the show.  I could have walked out in any one of these outfits, even though they belong to a bygone era.

The museum is located in the old lock tender's house, which overlooks the original locks.  The locks became obsolete when the Bonneville Dam was built in the late 1930's.  Because much of the structure was hand-hewn by masons using imported Italian stone, it was both beautiful and a marvel of engineering.  The locks were completely water powered.  The two chambers could be filled or emptied in ten minutes,  Designated a National Historic Site, it is worth a detour for the view alone.  It is located in one of the most beautiful parts of the Columbia River Gorge.
I suppose I would be remiss as a travel writer not to say that the museum is also filled with tools from that era--both Native American tools and others brought by the emigrants who made their way here on the Oregon Trail.  And, oh yeah, there's an original Oregon Pony steam locomotive on the front lawn.

 But I'm sorry.  These boots are to die for!  I could care less about hammers and saws.  

  And this swimsuit?  I'd wear it in a heartbeat.  Maybe even start a new trend!


  1. Oh yeah, that's a fantastic swimsuit. I wish we had them like this today, not so squeezy. The clothes are gorgeous and no doubt of outstanding quality. I could see you in that outfit. Great museum. Can you even imagine a lock being built with hand-hewn stone imported from Italy today?

  2. Your friends are quite stoic...perhaps they just need someone to help them put their shoes on.
    You sure know how to explore your new area. Love these photos.