Monday, August 3, 2015

A Pioneer Cemetery

My travel buddy has been calling me Dr. Quinn all week.  I discovered this historic pioneer cemetery during one of my walks along the Mosier Plateau in Oregon and dug out my "Prairie" clothes for another, more studied  look at the gravestones.  Turns out I have a real kinship to the folks buried up here.  The Mosier family took the emigrant train from Missouri back in the 1850's and eventually settled in Oregon and started a sawmill.  They were lured to the Pacific Coast by the promise of gold, but ended up making their fortunes in timber.  Smart move.
Back in 1977, I crossed the country from Kansas in a bright yellow Ryder Truck.  I started my adult life in California, but eventually ended up in Oregon.  I followed the same path as my fellow midwesterners one hundred years before.  Granted, my truck was more comfortable than a stagecoach, but our goals and dreams were the same:  To find gainful employment and raise a family in a beautiful environment.
I'm wearing a People Like Frank skirt, a white linen blouse, summer boots and straw Panama hat.  All jokes about Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman aside, I can't help but wonder if those women wore something similar on that hot dusty trail to the west.  I find it so interesting (and fun) that in 2015 we can wear period clothes and feel stylish and even trendy.  Fashion truly connects us to the world.  And to the past.

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  1. Haha, I like your friend's sense of humour, Dr. Quinn.
    When I think pioneer family, I am immediately exhausted. The closet thing I hope to get to drawing water is with a pen or pencil. What hardy people by our standards now. I love these photos and your outfit.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your outfit, everything in the ensemble is just timeless. Pretty smile too.

  3. A perfect outfit for a visit to the Pioneer Cemetery , definately a touch of times gone by. The pioneer women certainly were a hardy bunch .