Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Naked Mt. Hood

To escape the heat and the smoky air collecting in the Gorge from the Mt. Adams fire, we drove south to Mt. Hood and were thrilled to breathe in the crisp fresh air.  Mt. Hood is one of the solitary cascades and a potentially active volcano.  It is located in northern Oregon.  At 11,000 feet, it is one of the most climbed glaciated peaks in North America.

My youngest son is visiting us from Long Beach, California, so a day playing in the snow seemed like a novel idea.  He remembers coming up here as a little boy for a summer vacation and sledding down the gentle slopes behind Timberline Lodge.

Man, were we in for a shock.  Snow?  What snow?
The ski lift was still running, but no one was taking it.  Mt. Hood is famous for its year round ski season, but it came to a full halt early this year.  In fact, even last winter, the slopes were often closed due to lack of snow.
I made my husband and son pack hiking boots and a jacket.  I'll never hear the end of that one!  We spent the afternoon in shorts and flip flops as we walked the Pacific Crest Trail for a bit.  It was close to ninety degrees up here, at 6,000 feet.  Instead of cocoa back at the lodge, we had ice cream bars.  But at least the air was clean!

I was told not to despair.  A Super El Nino is on its way, which means lots and lots of snow for the Cascades and lots and lots of rain for parched California.

Hmmm.  You know what they say:  Be careful what you wish for!!!

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  1. Stunning photos. This brings back memories, we visited Mt. Hood way back in 1983 , in fact my husband left a pair of skis there.(They were well used and not wort sending home.)