Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Summer Scarves

Okay, I give up.  With the fierce wind in the Columbia River Gorge I have already lost two hats.  I'm not kidding!  So I've switched to scarves.  They stay on my head.

A whole new life.  A whole new me.

Sharing with my tribe at the lovely Judith's monthly Hat Attack.


  1. Oh, what a shame about loosing those two hats but the scarf looks great .
    Love the shots of the floaty scarf with the stunning scenery in the background.
    I do hope you are enjoying your new life.

  2. Well, the scarf sure looks great and that outfit is gorgeous!

  3. Awesome photos, especially that last one, floaty flitty gorgeousness, a perfect reflection of your new adventure. The icy coolness of the dress looks like it would melt if you touch it. I have been trying head scarves too!

  4. Oh, no, how awful to lose two hats. But you look stunning wearing a scarf - love the subtle colours.and the floaty feel to your outfit set agsinst the beautiful scenery.

  5. Two hats lost to the river???? I can understand why scarves are your new headwear of choice. You make the alternative shine. Love the scarf floating in the wind and your photos. Thank you for sharing your headwear and your beauty with Hat Attack!

  6. A lovely scarf, and a very nice look.