Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Shopping in Astoria

Astoria, Oregon is a charming town at the mouth of the Columbia River.  It is often compared to San Francisco.  On one hand, I get it.  The Victorian houses.  The Fog.  Hills.  A waterfront tram.  Fish and chips galore. On the other hand, it has its own vibe.  It's small and artsy.  Unpretentious.  Very walkable.  Fishermen and artists live side by side.  Everyone here seems happy.  And this is why shopping in this little town is such a delight.  All the young women chatted me up the second I walked into a store.  In San Francisco, I may not even get a nod, let alone a "Hello.  How are you?"
 Mimi wears the polka dot Habitat dress I purchased on the sale rack at 4 Seasons.  It's one of those pieces I will wear summer, spring, fall and winter.
In fact, I already have!

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  1. Astoria does look such a charming place to visit and explore . The garden of surging waves looks fascinating. The polka dot dress is a real winner , I love a garment that can be worn year round.