Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Fruit Loop

I have a very strong feeling that instead of weekend wine tasting jaunts, I'll be prowling the back roads of Oregon for the fresh, luscious fruit this state produces.  I started with what the locals around here call "The Fruit Loop".  It's a 30 mile loop that goes south of Hood River on Highway 35 and then back up on the Dee Highway 281.

We had to hold ourselves back. (Or so I thought.)  After all, there's only the two of us now.  We loaded up on cherries, peaches and bakery goods like a fresh peach pie and giant cowboy cookies.  I thought it was enough for a week, but we gobbled everything up in two days!
Oh, well, it will just give me an excuse to go again this week.  I wouldn't mind stopping for lunch again at the White House Cafe.  We had a delicious cherry and bacon pizza there with a hard cider sampling at the bar afterwards.  So unusual.  But oh so delicious!
The Gorge White House Fruit Stand and Winery is a place I will be bringing out of town guests.  The setting is very romantic--a big white house against a backdrop of hills and flower fields.  Like the wineries in California, picnickers are welcome and many of them were out while we were there.

Next time I do the Fruit Loop, I will bring an ice chest and load it with fruit, wine, salami, cheese, olives--all those wonderful picnic foods that you can pick up along the way.  Find a table behind one of the stands and simply enjoy the beauty of the area.
Apples will be ready for picking as early as August this year because of the extreme heat.  Pears will be available this fall.  Can't wait!  Pear and gorgonzola salad.  Apple crisp.  Apple cider.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it!  Stay tuned for another post:   Fruit Loop in the Fall.

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