Saturday, July 4, 2015

A Trip to Powell's

In my imaginary guidebook about the Pacific Northwest, my first sentence would be:

Begin your journey at Powell's.

And so I did.

Powell's Books is an institution.  A global destination.  A Must-See stop for Everyone.  At least once.
Three floors, a city block long, stacked with over a million books.  For people who love to read, this place is Heaven.

Although Powell's now has several stores, I'm talking about their flagship store on Burnside Street in downtown Portland.  They have moved into a larger space since the last time I was here with my two little boys in the 90's.  I remember buying three bags of books, mostly children's books, that kept them entertained for the long drive back to Santa Barbara.  They remember Powell's, too, and have both told me they want to go back when they visit us in the Gorge.

No problem.
The different areas are color-themed to aid in navigation.  Through the Blue, Up the Purple and Down the Red.  I made a mental note as I roamed the place so I could figure out how to get back.  My travel buddy and I agreed to meet at the cashier's counter in one hour.  (Not enough time!)

Both of us picked up a few books for summer reading.  Because I now live in Oregon, I can return here time and time again.  That helped with my growing anxiety because I barely scratched the surface of Literature, Travel and History.  I never made it to the Rare Books Collection at all.  Or Philosophy.  Cooking.  Art.  Yikes!
That second line in my guidebook?   Allot a whole day here!

Back home with my purchases.  Happy as a clam!

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  1. Well, what a heavenly place. I can imagine the wonderful smell of books and hopefully the floors creak too. I am inspired reading that those writers have all self-published.