Sunday, May 3, 2015

Under the Sycamore Trees

I test drove my new Eileen Fisher sandals yesterday.  I'm going boho this summer during my travels.  My wardrobe will consist of  a few peasant dresses, jeans, hiking boots and definitely these sandals.  They passed the test.   Comfortable.  Light weight.    And oh yeah--pretty darn cute.

I walked all over the little town of Solvang and then under the sycamore trees at Nojoqui Falls Park.  I had planned to take the path to the waterfalls, but the trail was closed due to a landslide.  I knew something was wrong when we pulled into the parking lot and it was completely empty.  However, I can't complain.  My travel buddy and I had these old sycamore trees all to ourselves.

I've always loved these trees.  Our California Sycamores are a bit different than the American Sycamores found in the eastern part of the States.  Our trees are found only in canyon bottoms and along rivers because moisture is a precious commodity in our neck of the woods.  Consequently, their trunks can get very distorted.  Their branches spread low and wide.  But still they grow.  And grow.  And grow.  The sycamores here at Nojoqui are colossal.

These trees are survivors.  Even though their trunks get gnarled and thicken with age.  Even though their limbs begin to bend, these trees flourish and grow.  They hold onto life with everything they've got.

Perhaps that's the real reason I love these trees.  The same thing is happening to me.

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  1. Impressive trees. And your travel wardrobe sounds very practical and cosy, just perfect. The floppy hat is adorable. Have a great week!

  2. What beautiful trees. And you look pretty great too - love those new (an comfortable) sandals. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

  3. Hi there visiting from Visible Mondays .. you look fabulous!! great photos..

  4. Love the outfit, especially those sandals and hat.

  5. That last photo of you is awesome. I love those sandals too.

  6. Beautiful trees, so lucky to have them to yourself. Love your outfit, especially that great floppy hat. Please pass on my thanks to Mimi for her generous nomination.

  7. You definitely dressed to honor your favorite beautiful trees! What a lovely outfit. I would never think of combining a peasant dress with a floppy hat and... such urban sandals - but it works brilliantly! The photo #4 is just so adorable.

  8. These trees are beautiful! I adore your outfit too - that hat is perfect for California sun.


    Hope to see you for TBT Fashion link up.