Thursday, May 14, 2015

Betting on Butterflies

"Those are the ugliest sweaters I've ever seen," one of our sales associates said when I unpacked these turquoise and mustard sweaters and brought them out front to be sold.

"Just you wait," I countered.  "These sweaters will be gone within a week."

"Ya wanna bet?"


And so we shook hands.  The winner would get a Starbucks coffee.

One week later, she brought me an iced Vanilla Latte.

Every spring for the last ten years, I smile whenever I put this sweater on and think about that bet.  She was right, in a way.  The color combo is very odd.  And yet . . . it sold like hotcakes.  It's one of those jolie laide pieces-so ugly it's beautiful.  A lot of fashion falls into that category.  We buy something, not for its good taste, but for the emotion it elicits.  Humor.  Happiness.  Shock appeal.

"I'm really surprised you keep wearing this sweater," my travel buddy commented when I asked him to photograph it.  "It's so not you."

 "Just you wait.  By the time we walk back to the car, someone is going to compliment me on it.  I'll bet you a coffee."  We shook hands, but this time I raised the ante.  "And a brownie."

I won.  Again.


  1. Such a cute story. I love items that people may see as odd for us, but it's precisely why they appealed to us in the first place. I love that color combination. It's unexpected and a little vintage like.

    1. Yes, that vintage vibe is what made me buy it!

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  2. What a funny story. I think this cardigan is great with the print and color combo. Thank you for joining TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you Thursday.


  3. Hi, just found your site. I think its a lovely cardigan.

  4. Yes, these people have to learn to listen to the big dog before they run out of money for coffee and treats!