Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Faces of Boulder Park

Enter at Your Own Risk

And so we did.

We entered a whimsical world and got lost within our own imaginations.  Boulders were carved into animal shapes and human faces, yet other rocks shapeshifted before our eyes.  The lines between nature and art were no longer separate.  And we were no longer separate from them.
This folk art site is one of the best in California.  Adjacent to the Desert View Tower in Jacumba, California, it is a wonderful place to stop if you're driving east on Interstate 8 from San Diego.

These rocks were carved in 1933 by Merle Ratcliff, an out-of-work engineer.  What a way to ride out the Great Depression!  I so admire these outsider artists who take a crazy dream and run with it.  


But enter at your own risk.  

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