Friday, February 20, 2015

The Blythe Intaglios

I have not yet seen the Nazca Lines in Peru, but they are high on my list of future travel destinations.  However, a couple of years ago I stumbled upon a documentary on t.v. which showcased very similar geoglyphs, AND, unbelievably, they were in my own backyard.  Last weekend, my travel buddy and I were in the area and set out to find them.

These prehistoric giant figures can be found 15 miles north of Blythe, California, on the California/Arizona border.  In 1931, a pilot flying from Hoover Dam to Los Angeles, spotted them.  As you can see from the old photo below, they are best viewed from the air, but no one has taken advantage of this unique opportunity.  They are easily accessible by car, although the road is bumpy and full of potholes.  Even so, they are very impressive.
They were designed by Native Americans to honor the Creator (the human figures) and his assistants (the mountain lion and other animals) who helped with this monumental task.  Hundreds of figures once dotted the desert landscape.  Now, there are only six.  These particular geoglyphs (or intaglios) were formed by scraping away the black rocks to expose the white desert pavement beneath.

So if you can't make it to Peru, come to California instead!  


  1. This is mystical and amazing! How can they last this long? And we can't even build condos in Vancouver that don't leak. I didn't know you had these in California.

  2. We asked ourselves the same question. These figures were made in a very dry flat area. The ground is like cement. Tire tracks, for example, are permanent. They could be ten days old or ten years old.