Monday, February 2, 2015

Playing with Shadows

While my travel buddy played with the shadows for this photo shoot, I played with plaids.  I am trying very hard to add color and pattern to my wardrobe this year.  The whimsical wonderful Mis Papelicos is showing me how, and it just so happens her Share in Style this week is all about plaid.  Is this an omen or what?

I was thrilled to realize the three mixed plaids in my outfit actually work.  The colors in the Burberry rainhat and the shoes compliment each other.  The plaid black jacket is more subtle so creates harmony, rather than confusion.

I'm coming out of the shadows and into the light!  One baby step at a time.


  1. Fantastic plaids! I love how you put them together. And those shoes are absolutely divine.

  2. What a cute outfit! Very Audrey Hepburn, modernised and updated, Audrey 2.0!

  3. Love the plaids here, especially the shoes!

  4. Wherever did you get the jacket? It's adorable.

    1. Sue's Place in Lompoc, California. Lompoc is a small town on the central coast. I love going there in the spring to see the fields of flowers that are shipped all over the world. And I always stop at Sue's!

  5. Very cool outfit! I love that loose jacket over the tunic.