Sunday, February 1, 2015

My Poor Purple Hat

My sister bought me this purple hat for my birthday a few years ago.  I love it but don't wear it much in Southern California because it's very warm.  Since this is the Winter That Never Was in my part of the world, I realized my poor purple hat hadn't seen the light of day all season.  Well, I had to remedy that!  I pulled it out yesterday and gave it a whirl around town.

As I write this post early this morning, the mockingbirds are singing and the scent of orange blossoms fills the air.  It is going to be another hot and sunny day.  I'm actually thinking of swapping out my winter clothes for my summer ones.  Crazy!  It's only February lst.

Good-bye Winter That Never Was.  Good-bye Purple Hat.  See you next year.

But the shoes are staying!!!

Sharing with my tribe at Hat Attack.  If you haven't stopped by Judith's Style Crone in awhile, please do.  Her Vintage Gowns are absolutely gorgeous!


  1. That hat is beautiful - cloche hats are always flattering, and I love the flower on the side! It's a shame you don't get to wear this one more often.

  2. Oh poor cloche!!!! Please tell it I said it looks beautiful!!!
    Visiting from Hat attack as fellow participant!x

  3. You're wearing a beautiful cloche, which is very dashing with your shoes. I love the third photo, where you allow the hat's flower to bloom. Thank you for sharing your beauty with Hat Attack!

  4. Such a lovely look my dear … and yes … it does seem a few years now that a true winter has skipped us :))

    Your plans for a shopping trip in Tokyo sound remarkable! What a most wonderful way to usher in a new year! I am hoping you share your fabulous adventure!

  5. Your winter sounds like this years summer here, very hit and miss. Shame your lovely purple cloche did not get many chances to come out and play,at least those great shoes can continue on.

  6. Hi. I am stopping by from Hat Attack. Your hat is lovely. I am living in very warm area too, so I can´t wear winter hats. But I love hats. There are many possibilities for summer hats too. I love your shoes, btw.o)

  7. Stopping by from Hat Attack link up! Love this color and style of this hat! You look amazing!