Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mimi Goes Military

I always like to take photographs of Mimi's colleagues in  museums.  She is very proud of them and their role in preserving history.  In honor of their contribution, she insisted on going military today.

Women weren't represented much at the General Patton Memorial Museum except for an exhibit of nurses in the military.  But that was the past.  Today is a whole different ball game.  Even though women have been involved in the U.S. military since 1775, their roles were limited to nursing, secretarial, cooking and cleaning.  In fact, they did not become official members of this group until 1948. Today they are equal partners with their male counterparts, filling every position available, even the top ones like Admiral and General.  Women are now allowed into combat.  West Point is seeing more and more women enrolling into that once exclusive all-male school.

I used to think that military fashion was a passing fad, but I've changed my mind.  There seems to be a version of these iconic uniforms on the runway every season.  Obviously, women in the military are here to stay and their numbers will only swell with time.  The jacket Mimi is wearing is considered a staple in Every Woman's wardrobe.  Worn with jeans or a pretty floral dress.  Worn by young girls and old ones, these jackets are everywhere!

And so today, Mimi and I honor these spirited and very brave women.  It can't be easy.  Prejudice and abuse still surround them.  They are truly heroic.

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