Sunday, January 4, 2015

Rusack Winery

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Last night I opened my last bottle of Sangiovese, the wine I bought at Rusack last October.  I paired it  with homemade chili lentil soup and cornbread.  It was lovely, delicious, smooth . . . and made me feel sad it was now almost gone.  Stop, I caught myself before sinking any further, You can always go back for more!

And so I shall.  Very very soon.  Rusack is a boutique winery located in the gentle sloping hills outside Solvang, California.  Because I have family in this little town, I stop at their tasting room every chance I get.  I confess I have never done a proper tasting there (usually because I'm alone and driving.)  Instead, I simply ask the staff to select for me and that is how I discovered the Sangiovese.  It is a grape from the Chianti region of Italy, but also grows well here in central California. It has that rich aroma of currants that I love in a red wine, especially when the nights are chilly.  The syrahs are exceptionally good, as well.

Packing a picnic lunch and seeking out a picturesque vineyard rather than a park, is something I have now done for many years.  Rusack is set in a beautiful locale--on Ballard Canyon Road.  As I sat out on their oak-shaded patio, I didn't see another car drive by for a half-hour.  (Hint:  Come here on a Wednesday!)  It was quiet, peaceful and breathtakingly beautiful.  As long as you buy a bottle of wine, the wineries don't mind at all that you sit and enjoy the scenery. They encourage it.  And so do I!!!

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  1. It seems a dreamy paradise for wine lovers! ( and photographers)