Thursday, January 1, 2015

One Day at a Time

Something in me has shifted.  Usually come January I make a resolution, often more than one, to atone for bad habits, detours and regrets.  I write these goals down in my journal in a neat tidy list, row after row after row.  Sometimes I actually achieve a few of them.  At any rate, it is an annual exercise that fills me with hope and renewed determination.  I just KNOW this is going to be the year I get my act together.

No more.

Today I write:  Just take one day at a time.

Life is beginning to throw too many curve balls.  I make plans and have to change them.  Goals get put on the back burner while I tackle problems that pop up like unwanted weeds.  I could turn off my cell phone, stick my head in the sand and tune out the world (Sometimes I do!) but that's not living, is it?

Living is embracing the unknown, especially as we age.  It's about solving those problems and learning to cope with sorrow.  It's about finding unexpected joy in the little things and storing them inside your heart.  So no more resolutions for me.  I'm taking it one day at a time.

But . . . with a hat on my head and a smile on my face.  I am not looking back.  Only forward.  So today I take my first step into 2015.

So far so good!

Linking up with fellow hat lovers at Style Crone's Hat Attack.  (Okay, maybe I do have one tiny resolution:  To buy more wonderful hats this year!!!)


  1. I never could make resolutions - I only plan what's absolutely necessary, and the rest is serendipity.

    Love the outfit - the red hat is a perfect topper, but I really love the slouchy jacket with the dress and boots!

  2. I too am keeping an eye out for amazing hats to showcase with Judith.

    Popped by from Hat Attack.

  3. I think your resolution to buy more wonderful hats is fantastic! Taking one day at a time in headwear sounds like great way to live life. Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack!

  4. We need to try to looking forward! My best wishes for you, happy new year!


  5. Taking each day as it comes is the only way to go.I gave up resolutions many moons ago, life simply gets in the way. Happy New Year to you, enjoy your hats, I really like this one.