Thursday, December 11, 2014

Jurupa Mountains Discovery Center

Offbeat Museums

Besides the wonderful folk art on the grounds of this center, there is a small museum filled with a variety of rocks and some of the most interesting fossil specimens I have ever seen.  I swear, this place is the baby sister to the Smithsonian.  Dinosaur eggs and bones.  A cave bear skull.  A mastodon's tooth.  Shrimp, worms and plant leaves embedded in stone from 230 million years ago.

If you're a rock collector, let me tell you, the gift shop is going to send you into a state of absolute euphoria.  There are thousands upon thousands of rocks to buy and a warehouse in the back filled with even more.  Not only that, but you can explore the big rock dump in the back and buy your finds for $2.00 a pound.  And that's exactly what we did!  Came home with a lovely rock for my garden.
The Jurupa Mountains Discovery Center is located just outside Riverside, California.  This is a great place to bring children.  The museum is small enough that they won't lose interest and the metal folk art and dinosaurs will lure them outside for more exploration.  A gem of a place!

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