Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunsets and Mai Tais

I packed Mimi's suitcase with a palette of black, white and gray.  I had every intention of buying a colorful floral sundress when I arrived in Hawaii, but I changed my mind once I landed on these garden isles.

Coming from dusty water starved California, my eyes weren't used to the explosion of fuchsia and yellow.  The sky was a clear blue.  The grass was GREEN.  It's as if cataracts had just been removed from my eyes.  This wasn't jet lag I was feeling, this was genuine disorientation.

So what did I do?  Headed for the closest bar.  And what did I find there?  More color.  Hawaiian bartenders serve up the most colorful drinks in the world.   I couldn't get away from red and orange.  It was everywhere.  In the sky.  In the gardens.  In the clothes the women and men were wearing.  Suddenly, my suitcase full of soothing grays seemed like an elixir to the pain in my optic nerves.
Don't get me wrong.  After a couple of days my eyes adjusted, but as I hopped from one island to the next and learned that the Hawaiian Islands were formed by sizzling lava from erupting volcanoes, it seemed right that I was wearing the color of ash.  I matched the black lava fields of the Big Island.   The goddess Pele approved.  It was the wrath of Mimi I had to contend with!

Sharing with my friends at  Visible Monday.  Thank you, Patti!  Your outfit is also cool and soothing to the eyes!!


  1. What a beautiful piece of the world Mimi! I love neutrals too for travel, and you look tres chic. Thanks for linking up, xo

  2. You had me at Mai Tai! suitcase's favourite destination. I love your photographs and your polka dot dress!

  3. Fantastic pictures, beautiful colours... And you look so classy in your casual dress.

  4. That last picture is amazing! I would love to be looking at that right now. I really like your outfit including the hat...thanks for sharing your pictures.

  5. What wonderful pictures, the colours so vivid, must put Hawai on my list of places to visit. Your spotty dress is perfect for the surroundings.

  6. Lovely, Mimi. This time of year I go hunting the latest Lei Detective Novel in the series. Mayhem in Hawaii. Love your light darkness in your tunic ... just right for a lady as cool as you are.