Friday, October 31, 2014

Shopping in West Bottoms

This historic area of Kansas City is going to be jumping this Halloween weekend.  These old brick warehouses of yore have been converted into haunted houses and pop-up entertainment venues.  Every first weekend, the streets explode with shoppers who come here to find unique gifts and great vintage bargains in clothing and home decor.  Food vendors line the street under the iconic 12th Street Bridge, the oldest standing bridge in the city.

Jump back into time a hundred years ago and these warehouses would have been filled with agricultural goods and industrial machines.  This was a hard-core working man's neighborhood.  With the second largest stockyard in the nation just around the corner, I imagine you must have been a manly man to tolerate the smell.

How things change!

My sister and I came here a few weeks ago to find a 70's costume for an office party.  There were still a few shops open on that Saturday, even though it wasn't a "first weekend".  I found so many cute upcycled clothes, it was actually a bit overwhelming.  I couldn't decide what to buy so ended up with nothing but regret.  Oh, why oh why, was I so hesitant??

My sister, too, got a bit distracted by all the coats and sweaters and dresses and hats.  She didn't hesitate, however, when she came across a gently used pair of black cowboy boots.  Never did find that 70's outfit, but she went home happy.
Well, I'll just have to go back.

On a first weekend.

With Mimi.

That girl stays focused!


  1. Wonderful photographs! Love that skeleton on the bicycle!

  2. The skeleton spoke to me as well...I had the fright of my life! ;-) xo JJ