Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mimi Wears Royal Blue

While in Kansas City visiting family earlier this month, I caught the baseball fever.  Everywhere you went, people were sporting royal blue t-shirts in honor of their underdog team, the Kansas City Royals.  It was the one and only topic of conversation.  I (who never ever watch sports) found myself glued to the t.v. and gripped with anxiety.

Even when my sister took me to the ballet that first night of the Royals-Orioles game, the director kept us informed of the score, both before the ballet began and then during intermission.  "Now, please," he begged the audience, "Turn off your cell phones.  The Royals are winning."  The minute the curtain went down, however, little lights popped up all over the concert hall.

I had hoped the Royals would be playing against the Cardinals in the World Series because otherwise, my allegiance would be torn.  San Francisco is my favorite city in the whole world.  I lived there for five years and go back every year for my "fix", but I had never been to a Giants game.  Still . . .was it wrong to back a non-California team?

Mimi set me straight.  "Oh, for crying out loud," she said.  "Blue is so much prettier than orange!"

Go Royals!!! 

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