Friday, September 5, 2014

Hidden Davenport Beach

While driving north on Highway One between Santa Cruz and San Francisco, there are many of these "secret" beaches, accessible only if you stop and climb down the cliff or more accurately, the man-made ramparts.  The above photographs were taken at Davenport, a small town of 400, about nine miles out of Santa Cruz.

Back in the early 1900's, the Ocean Shore Railroad and the Southern Pacific needed to lay tracks that would carry the extreme weight of cement, so they built ramparts instead of wooden trestles over the tidal marches and redirected the San Vicente Creek by building the above tunnel.  When the highway was built in the 1930's, the engineers utilized the same techniques.  The locals weren't too happy because their beach access was now blocked, as well as their views.  On the other hand, it created a private beach where one could sunbathe nude.  Don't count on getting a tan though.  It's almost always foggy!


  1. My comment on your cute skirt/sweater post got eaten up somehow. Well, I loved that post too. And I love the photos of this private beach. I noticed this weekend on our ferry ride how many lucky homeowners have their own private beaches all to themselves. What an amazing thought.

  2. These hidden beaches are true gems, we haven't been brave enough to climb down, but it was nice to watch them from above!