Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hawaii Bound

"I've always loved the aspect of fashion that sparks the imagination.  It provides a transport for the self much the same way travel does, introducing to our quotidian life a whiff of adventure and escape."
               Katherine Mosby

For me, travel and fashion go hand in hand.  I used to be such a minimalist when it came to packing. Throw some jeans, a few t-shirts and a sweater into a small carry-on and I was ready to go. Somewhere along the way, things changed. It's because (like the above quote says) travel is an entry into a magical world.  As I age, it is becoming increasingly so.  The lines between reality and fantasy are blurring.  Should I be concerned?  Nah.  I crave these moments.  I live for these moments.

So what does this have to do with going to Hawaii?  Because I've spent the last two days trying to decide what to take.  My travel buddy had no such problem.  He packed his carry-on with shorts and tees and there's room to spare.  It took him all of ten minutes.

But for dinner at the Volcano House, I want to look elegant so I'm taking a silk dress and heels.  For hiking along the Old Pali road and the interiors, I will need khakis and a long linen blouse and my hiking shoes.  For the beach, I'll need a couple of swimsuits and some cute cover-ups.  I'll need sundresses and sandals.  Sunhats.  A lightweight sweater.  A classic cotton blazer.  I want to look good for every single magical moment.  Not just good--movie star spectacular.

So no carry-on for me.  My big old suitcase is overflowing and I have to spend the day deciding what goes.  Mimi, of course, thinks I should just add another bag and pay the extra cost.  After all, I'll need some space for the new clothes I'll be buying!!!

Aloha!  See you next month!

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