Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Afternoon at the Molaa

The Museum of Latin American Art (molaa for short) is located in Long Beach, California.  Last month my husband, my son and I spent a wonderful afternoon here, taking our time exploring the three extraordinary exhibits within and then enjoying the sculpture garden outside.

Selections from the permanent collection were chosen to represent "Magical Realism" in honor of the great novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez who died last April.  I couldn't have been more happy!  The last chapter of Love in the Time of Cholera is one I read over and over.  The two old lovers sailing up and down that river for the rest of their lives is one of the most romantic and magical scenes in literature.
The NeoMexicanism exhibit deconstructed the works of art from the age of the Mexican Revolution. "Enough Already!" these artists seemed to say.  It was a bit humorous and even subversive. In the final exhibit, the works of Roberto Fabelo, an artist from Cuba, were so exquisite and detailed that we lingered over every single painting and drawing.

We all agreed this was an exceptionally superb museum, and we will be back for more.  Mid-afternoon, when we took a break for iced tea in the adjoining restaurant, we discovered they had homemade tamales on the menu.  Next time, we'll plan our visit around lunch! 

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