Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Donati Family Vineyard

100 California Wineries

Last month we stopped at this lovely winery in Templeton, California, on the way home from a trip up North.  Templeton, in Central California, has many wineries to choose from, but we stopped at this one for two reasons:  The Italian name and the beautiful European chateau-like tasting room.  It was a blistering hot day so we were the only ones there.  Normally, we would taste a couple of white wines and then a couple of reds, but this day we stuck with a flight of chilled whites, and it really hit the spot.

Although Donati is known for its award-winning Merlots, Cabernet Sauvignons and delicious Meritage and Claret wines, we got a kick out of its "beachy" jug wines with names like Naughy White and Sassy Lady.  And, you know, they were pretty darn good!  I can't believe we ended up buying a whole case of a screw-top unOaked Chardonnay, but it was very satisfying in the intense heat and the price was right.  The wine was labeled "Sisters Forever" and named after the owner's teenage granddaughters.

I've been enjoying it ever since!  In my own backyard.


  1. what a house! I'm not into wine but I believe it was very nice to taste. and.. i've noticed a dress - it's charming!

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    1. I tell my non-drinking friends to visit the vineyards anyway. Many of them have picnic tables and gift shops with gourmet food items--so much better than those ugly roadside parks when traveling in California!

  2. Look at your backyard! It looks just like a vineyard!! ;D
    I love going to a tasting and then bringing a bottle or two home. Somehow it just prolongs the memories.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your hopefully foot woes!