Monday, August 18, 2014

Chasing the Wind

Our summers are spent chasing the wind.    My travel buddy lives for this season; it is windsurfing season and unless I follow him like a tail attached to a kite, I do not see him for the entire three months.  He is at a lake or a beach with his tribe.  And I am alone.  Not that I mind it.  I take long walks, barefoot and aimless.  I read stacks of mysteries and shoot thousands of pictures.

I don't do fast.  I do slow.  My gauzy navy dress is my favorite attire on these trips.  I wear it over a swimsuit or jeans and tank.  It protects me from the sun.  It billows in the wind.  It gives me warmth when those powerful gusts blow across the sea.   It's an odd outfit, I know, but it suits this odd kind of life I have adopted--this life of chasing the wind.

Sharing with the ever wonderful Mis Papelicos and fellow bloggers on the theme of Summer.  The dress she is wearing today is GORGEOUS!!!  It billows in the wind like a beautiful sail.


  1. It's the perfect clothing for summer winds.
    I would like to send you a big rain... and I would like to be there by the sea (I'm living so far away from all the waters... - )
    Greetings from rainy Germany :-)

  2. Absolutely love your kaftan dress, very similar to the style of the blouse I wear for share in style, haha :) love the dark blue color and the red embroidery!

  3. This seems like the perfect beach dress: it actually covers you and protects you from the sun. I've never understood those semi-transparent kaftan-type garments people are supposed to wear on the beach...

  4. Fabulous
    Thank you so much for joining the Share-in-Style family

  5. A very pretty tunic dress!