Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Stroll Down Pacific Avenue

Pacific Avenue in downtown Santa Cruz, California, is one of those streets that make shopping addicts like me very very happy.  It has clothing stores, both new and vintage, shoe stores, book stores, public art, coffee shops, shoe stores, art galleries, gourmet food stores, shoe stores, restaurants and oh, did I mention shoe stores?  I was in heaven!  I tried on tons of shoes and bought well, um, a few, to say the least.  (My travel buddy was stationed at a coffee shop.  He couldn't stop me.  I ignored his texts:  Where r u?)

I also tried to ignore the pan handlers and aggressive street vendors, but one young man made me laugh.  "Miss, can you spare a twenty so I can get drunk?"  I gave him two dollars and told him to buy a cup of coffee.  I ended my two hour spree with the purchase of the harbor print dress that I posted about last week.  Mimi refuses to let me have it back so there's a feud going on in my house right now.  (I know what she's doing though.  She wants me to go shopping again.  For another dress.  Man . . . talk about an addict!)


  1. Oh my, when we visited santa cruz, we left that behind because we had no time :(

    1. You know, whenever I travel I never see everything I want to see, but I think I do this on purpose. It gives me an excuse to return. You will just have to make another trip to California!!!!