Saturday, July 5, 2014

On Top of Dome Rock

I have been sworn to secrecy from avid hiker friends not to blog about certain trails in the Sierras and I have kept my promise.  "The beauty of this place is that no one knows about it and we want to keep it that way,"  they adamantly scold me.  "Got it," I say, following them into the pristine wilderness.  I have kept my word, but last month my travel buddy and I discovered a beautiful walk all by ourselves and he knows better than to ask me to keep it private.  Therefore, I'm imparting a secret.  You do not have to be a mountain climber to reach the top of Dome Rock in the Sequoia National Forest, there is (unbelievably) a dirt road that leads to the back and it's a short easy 100 yards to the top!  I mean, you don't really even have to be in good shape to walk up it.  My 91-year-old mother could do it!  And the views of the forest and the Needles in the distance are spectacular. 
The reason I don't think anyone knows about it, is that we saw only two other people the entire morning we were there.  Most tourists go the Trail of 100 Giants and Moro Rock.  So here it is, folks!  An unbelievably easy and gorgeous walk to the top of a classic granite dome that the Sierras are known for.  The secret is out!

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