Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Gauzy Dress in a Distant Land

I stared long and hard at these old photos.  Are they still relevant?  Do I dare post them?  Or should I copy them to my archival picture folder?  Use up more memory to store a past that is becoming more blurry with each passing year.

But, oh, look at that dress.  How I loved that flowy gauzy dress.  Whatever happened to it?  And whatever happened to that young woman who wore it?  She wore that dress five days in a row when she and her young travel buddy zipped around Cyprus in a little Honda Civic.

That woman is me.  Or is she?

Do I recognize her?  Her face is unlined.  Her mop of hair is a rich natural dark brown.  She is strong and fearless and so full of hope for a future not yet lived.

But, yes, I do recognize her.  I remember that moment so clearly--looking out at the setting sun, high up in the Troodos Mountains.  She made a decision that evening and it did not come lightly.  I am ready, she thought.  I am ready to be a mother.  One year later in a small hospital in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, her first son was born.
It makes me realize a dress can be so much more than a few yards of fabric covering a naked body.  A dress can mark eventful dates.  It can symbolize celebration and in this case, a life-altering decision.  In that gauzy dress that evening in 1985, that young woman became me.

Sharing with my friends at Visible Monday.  Patti, as well as other bloggers who have linked to her site, have written so honestly and eloquently about age.


  1. So beautiful, Marea, your pictures and your thoughts. I have has similar ones when looking back at photos of my young self. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  2. Beautiful photos!
    Dawn Lucy

  3. You were right to post these old photos, and the wonderful story.

  4. Lovely photos, and thoughts we all relate to. I'm still the same girl as I have always been in this aging body, but at the same time, I'm a wiser version of that woman. The spirit just doesn't feel the age in the same way as the body, does it? Thank you for the thoughtful piece!

    1. Jan, you are wise and wonderful. I can't believe you took the time to post such a thoughtful comment after your bad-luck week. Hope things get better.