Thursday, July 17, 2014

A French Festival in Santa Barbara

I used to do the "festival trail" every summer when my boys were little.  These international food festivals ran every weekend all summer long, but I finally got burned out.  I'm sorry, but I wanted to go to the real France, the real Greece and the real Italy.  And so I did.  But twenty years later, I find myself unable to travel for awhile and I'm getting really, really depressed because of it.  Last weekend, Mimi scolded me.  "You can either sit around and feel sorry for yourself or get out into the world again.  And so what if that world is only two blocks from your house?  They've got hats and shoes and dresses and baquettes with brie!"

She's right, of course.  If hats and shoes and dresses and baquettes smothered with brie don't cheer me up, well . . . it's time for Prozac.

I spent Sunday afternoon roaming around the French Market, listening to music, eating, watching Polynesian dancers, eating, buying a beret and eating.  By the time evening rolled around, I was two pounds heavier, but no longer feeling so blue.  Being grounded forces you to take a fresh new look at your own home town.  Besides being a beautiful place to live, there is something going on every weekend.  Often for free.

In two weeks, there's going to be a Greek Festival.  Then there's Old Spanish Days.  I am surrounded by  a vibrant, cultural world.  There's no need to hop on a plane and fly 3,000 miles away.  

"And just think of all the money you're saving," Mimi said.  "That means you can buy more clothes."

 Oh, yeah.  Now, I'm happy.


  1. I can't wait to visit Santa Barbara for the first time next spring for my sister's Pacifica graduation. It sounds like an oasis of a place.

    1. It truly is. I think you'll have a wonderful time and congrats to your sister!