Monday, June 23, 2014

The Kern River Hatchery

That fishermen can still catch Rainbow Trout in the rivers and lakes of California is due partly to the diligent efforts of the staff here at the Kernville Hatchery.  Eggs are extracted by hand and placed in gravel.  The hatchlings are then cared for in shallow troughs and allowed to grow until they reach a half pound.  As many as 250,000 rainbow trout are then released into local waterways every year.  In addition, larger fish are planted, giving fishermen a chance to win a "Trophy".

While we are not fishermen (but love fish), it was fun feeding these little guys, touring the ponds and reading up on their life cycle.  At least here they have an opportunity to reach adulthood.  In the wild, survival is a rare and tricky business!  The facility is open Friday through Sunday.  The hatchery and the small natural history museum are both fun to explore, especially if you have children, but be forewarned,  it makes you hungry.  Couldn't find a local restaurant that night which served trout, so settled on tri-tip instead.  Got my trout a week later.   At Whole Foods!

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