Sunday, June 1, 2014

Neon Nights

Las Vegas.  I am lured to its neon lights like a moth to a flame (despite my repeated vows to never return).  It is the city I love to hate.

I find myself craving its glitz, fantasy and flashing lights, especially when my own world has become too dark.  One night dining by the canals of Venice and then strolling over to Paris for a nightcap is a sure fire cure for the Blues.

Las Vegas is where I can let it all go.  I can dance with abandon, drink and eat with relish and pretend I am someone else.  Neutral Gal becomes Sparkly Gal.  I wear my brightest clothes and even then, I pale in comparison to the neon lights.  But, oh, those fountains!  Those luxurious lobbies!  Those volcanoes and pyramids!  Those Roman gods and sweaty men!  Las Vegas makes me smile.

  "I think you should wear bright colors more often," my travel buddy says.  "You seem so happy."

"Maybe I will."  And I make a new vow.  I will wear my color block coral blouse and dangly gold earrings whenever those dreaded Blues knock me down.  Las Vegas or no Las Vegas.

Sparkly Gal--the new me.  Can it really be that simple?

Sharing with my friends at Patti's Visible Monday.  These gals are all sparkly!  They continue to inspire me with their creativity, great attitude and joy for life.


  1. I feel the same way about Vegas - love to hate it, and keep going back! Wonderful pics, and thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  2. You look ready to party in the prettiest way! Love the combination of the showgirl earrings and your short hair and hipster wide leg crops! Best of all is the shadow of your dark bra so discreetly under your beautiful bright shirt!
    (I'm obsessing about trying earrings, and figuring out how to wear now that I have cropped locks as well! Nice lesson!)
    My husband, the family social conscience, sneers at Las Vegas as a city that has no business taking up so many resources. I KNOW he's had a great weekend there or two. I'd love to see the Venetian Palazzo ... it's as close as I'm going to get to the real thing. He's been to Venice as well ...someday it will be my turn!

    1. Thank you, Jan. I hope you make it to the real Venice some day! I laughed when you mentioned my black bra because I obsessed over wearing it. (But it's Vegas, right?)