Friday, June 6, 2014

Mimi Wears Ikat

The blurry patterns of Ikat have been part of the fashion vernacular for awhile now.  I resisted it at first because it actually hurt my eyes.  My brain wanted the patterns to sharpen up so my eyes strained to do so.  It was a losing battle.  But this particular piece, which I found at a consignment store last month, had the opposite effect.  The blue and cream combination soothed me.  The floral lining and the extra large embroidered flower gave it just enough punch to make it interesting.

Ikat arrived to our shores via Southeast Asia, the land of batik and tie-dye.  It is a complicated process where colors are created by using dye-resist threads that have been tied together.  These threads are then woven into intricate patterns.

I can't begin to understand the process until I see it first hand, and in order to do that, I must journey to Bali.  I've read travel articles about visiting such studios in small Indonesian villages and have wanted to go there ever since.   My eyesight is getting worse as I age so I figure the longer I wait, the less problem those shaky patterns will be.  The whole world is becoming one big blur!

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